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Consumers today want to be assured the products they consume have gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure they meet true Halal standards.
We, at Ghanim International, place the utmost importance to our quality controlled accreditation system, which is the backbone of the bruneihalalfoods brand.
We are a company that understands the customer needs and directly addresses the growing requirement for high quality premium Halal products. We ensure that the integrity of all products used comply with the Halal standards under BRUNEI HALAL accreditation. Our brand advocates the true processes and meaning behind the word Halal.
We recognise the importance of the consumers concerns and aim to deliver a brand that offers full traceability, quality, safety and true authenticity of the meat and poultry products we produce.
With the implementation of Halal Inspectors supervising existing processes and production; we are already working towards ensuring rigorous control of the entire process in the UK.
Our future ahead is to achieve a complete vertical integrated supply chain system that will be poised to deliver quality premium products for all to enjoy with total confidence of its origins.
bruneihalalfoods therefore is set to provide the market unrivalled Halal assurance From Farm to Family.

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Posted by bruneihalal UK on Tuesday, 2 June 2015
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bruneihalal places utmost importance to its accreditation system, which is the backbone of the brand. Backed by the state of Brunei Darussalam, the BRUNEI HALAL Accreditation involves auditing the entire supply chain, ensuring that every level of production is supervised and managed.
bruneihalalfoods is geared up to travel to various locations nationally and internationally to promote our brand. Sample our exciting products as well as talk about the stringent Halal processes we implement within our organisation to give you, our wonderful customers, full confidence of our produce.
So come along and get involved!
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