The bruneihalalfoods Journey

In Surah Al Baqarah (chapter 2, verse 168) Allah Sunbhanawata´ala says ´O mankind, eat from whatever is on the earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. Furthermore in Surah An Nahl (Chapter 16, verse 114) Allah Subhanawata´ala says ’Then eat of what Allah has provided for you [which is] lawful and good. And be grateful for the favour of Allah, if it is [indeed] Him that you worship.
Note: the English translation of both verses from the Quran are taken from Sahih International, world renowned translation of the holy Quran
Our beloved prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent as a mercy for the whole of creation. He felt overwhelming concern for animals and was always their protector, defending their rights as well as speaking volumes about human beings responsibility towards them. There is so many Ahadith on treatment of animals. For example 'The worst of shepherds is the ungentle, who causes the beasts to crush or bruise one another (Muslim). Also, ‘You will not have secure faith until you love one another and have mercy on those who live upon the earth (Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud)
Increasingly over the decades more and more issues have come to light which have raised doubts about the authenticity of the ‘Halal’ meat and products available for the Muslim community in the UK. The Halal meat and poultry industry today has a reputation for underhanded dealing, dubious business activities, unsafe and unhygienic practices, and non Halal products sold as Halal. The Muslim consumer being misinformed has no choice but to accept the Halal products sold in the market. The issues are thatthe operators in the Halal market seem little concerned about the Islamic requirements in terms of ‘Halal and Tayyab’ and the situation is further exacerbated by the fact that the vast majority of the Muslim consumers have very little knowledge about Halal themselves.
We look to identify the issues in the industry and introduce the bruneihalalfoods brand as a beacon of hope. We feel that much work needs to be done to bring about a positive change in the industry, introduce regulation and make the industry not just conform to UK standards but also become Shariah compliant. Muslim consumers feel there is a need to hold to account those who use unfair and un-Halal practices in the guise of selling Halal. It is incumbent on Muslim leaders and Muslim organisations such as Masjids across the country to educate the masses on this subject. In turn this will equip the consumer to hold his or her meat supplier to account and put pressure on the abattoirs and wholesalers to make necessary changes in their business to deliver product which can be truly classed as Halal and tayyab
Today the bruneihalalfoods brand sees itself as the guiding light in setting a Halal standard by which the rest of the industry has to aspire to achieve and a leading player in the market. The brand is synonymous with trust, integrity and transparency.
We at bruneihalalfoods understand the responsibility we have towards the environment, animal welfare, and of ensuring that food is lawful, healthy and wholesome.
The development of our products follows very strict regulations. Every ingredient, every process, every recipe and every end product has to be approved by the religious authority before receiving the BRUNEI HALAL endorsement before becoming available for sale in the market place. Whether you are looking to buy Halal meat and poultry or whether you are looking to buy ready to cook products, you can be rest assured that bruneihalalfoods products are truly Halal, wholesome, safe and of the highest quality.
bruneihalalfoods seeks to improve the life of the Muslims and the broader society for succeeding generations and food plays an integral part of this objective. From the Quran and Ahadith, we have learned that the prophets and the believers have been commanded to eat from the tayyab, or the pure things. With the increasing emergence of varieties of products containing non Halal raw materials or ingredients, consumers can be assured of our commitment to maintaining the highest Halal and food safety standards.

Our UK Market

The global Halal market is valued in excess of £230bn. The UK market alone is valued at £5bn according to the latest Eblex reports.
The latest census data (Census 2011) shows that the number of Muslims in England and Wales increased from 3.0% in 2001 to 4.8% in 2011 consisting of 2.7 million Muslims. This growing segment of society has its own specific needs in relation to food, particularly meat and poultry purchases where the animals are required to be slaughtered in a way that is compliant with Islamic Principles.
With Muslims consuming 20% of all British lamb and mutton as well as 30% poultry, it shows the demand and need to have it readily available in the major multiples.
The UK Muslim consumer have the spending power of £20bn. Importantly for future growth in spending power, the Muslim population in the UK is very young with 70% under the age of 35 years.

Our Place In The Market

As there are many discerning consumers out there that have lost faith with the Halal market ; we believe we are able to restore that faith with the standards we abide by and the products in which we can offer. The current market state is extremely fragmented and there is a lot of mistrust within the Muslim communities after incidents like the horse gate and porcine gate scandals. There are also businesses operating with interest based finance transactions and suppliers purchasing meat from spot markets, therefore the Muslim consumer is craving a brand that can offer them peace of mind. Also contrary to belief of community knowledge, it is also reported that 80% of the meat sold as Halal is stunned.
We aim to overcome these issues by:
  • Only using meat and poultry from our own approved abattoirs
  • Not using external meat or product processing companies thereby eliminating the risk of cross contamination
  • Only trading non interest based financial transactions
  • BRUNEI HALAL inspectors are present to supervise the whole manufacturing process including the slaughter at our approved abattoirs
  • Only using meat and poultry that is 100% non-stunned
By achieving our goals we aim to:
  • Establish bruneihalalfoods as the leading premium Halal brand within the UK and EU
  • Ensure our brand becomes synonymous with products of the highest standards of Halal
  • Create a leading Halal food organisation that is driven to lead the market by producing innovative and authentic Halal products
  • Gain the trust of our consumers by providing a brand that ensures quality Halal assured products from Farm to Family
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