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Ghanim International UK Limited

With the UK and European markets identified as potential growth regions for the bruneihalalfoods brand Ghanim International UK Limited launched in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in November 2011. It has since then been strategically working towards implementing a robust corporate structure that looks to integrate key components of the supply chain under its absolute control - all of which provide a solid platform for growth!
  • 100% Non Stunned British Meat and Poultry; fully traceable from locally approved abattoirs
  • In house state of the art meat cutting and manufacturing facility
  • In house NPD Department with the ability to develop prolific new flavours and concepts
  • In house Technical Department that ensures the top measures and controls are in place
  • Ghanim International UK Limited complies with Shariah law and does not partake in any non Halal finances
  • At our head office we provide our employees with the facilities to be able to conduct their Islamic duties throughout the day; such as a prayer room facilities
  • We have trained inspectors observe the slaughter of all our meat and poultry on site at the abattoirs
  • bruneihalalfoods ensure that the integrity of all products used comply with the Halal standards from the sourcing of all our raw materials, manufacturing processes right through to our logistics and distribution
The dynamic and vibrant team at Ghanim International UK Limited looks to bring to the UK a variety of quality assured meat and poultry as well as meat based products across the wholesale, foodservice and retail sectors under a trustful brand – bruneihalalfoods.

Thebruneihalalfoods Brand

The bruneihalalfoods brand is more than just a range of products. It is a brand that aims to directly address the growing requirement for premium Halal products that ensures quality, safety and traceability in all aspects. bruneihalalfoods therefore assures the products it produces have gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure they meet safe and hygienic standards thereby providing unrivalled Halal assurance. By working towards the implementation of a vertically integrated supply chain system that has complete control of every aspect and processes from Farm to Family within the UK, bruneihalalfoods is poised to deliver quality premium products for all to enjoy with full confidence of its origins.

Our Objectives


At Ghanim International UK Ltd we are working towards establishing ‘bruneihalalfoods’ as a household brand within the retail sector. We are currently working with major multiple stores in order to achieve our goal at becoming a recognised brand that consumers will trust. With a range of value added chilled and frozen products already available in major multiples and independent stores; we are now looking at extending our range throughout the retail sector in order to meet the needs of the consumers.


At Ghanim International UK Ltd we aspire to serve the British market with quality assured Halal meat using British cattle, sheep and poultry of which enables us to offer the wholesalers and brokers within the UK and Europe. We are able to provide premium 100% non-stunned, British meat and poultry cuts in large quantities to the wholesale market at competitive prices.

Food Service

At Ghanim International UK Ltd we are able to offer a wide selection of whole meat cuts as well as our different ranges of our chilled lines such as our marinated and breaded lines to the food service sector. We are well placed to be able to supply restaurants, airlines, caterers, schools, colleges and many more...
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